Q: What is Booknshelf?

Booknshelf is a website where you can keep track of all your books online. You can easily organize your books in different shelves and never forget about any book you have read or want to read. You can also use booknshelf to discover new books from our curated topics and see what your friends are reading.

Q: What are the goals of the site?

I have only one and simple goal, to make Booknshelf the best place to keep track of all your books online. I love staying organized with my books and I'm sure there are people like me who love that too.

Q: How does Booknshelf make money?

Booknshelf does not make money at this point. My eventual goal is to work on Booknshelf full-time. Yes, full-time 👌. However, this is still something I'm exploring. I'll probably start with Amazon Affiliate Program and then go from there. My first financial goal is to make Booknshelf a self-sustainable side-project. People say setting goals are very important. Here we go, I have it now 😁.

Q: How did I build Booknshelf (for tech people)?

I'm a big Laravel fan so all the backend is built on Laravel. Laravel is a PHP framework. I also love Vue.js and its amazing community so the entire front-end is powered by Vue.js. I also can't say enough good words about Bulma, the CSS framework I've used for Booknshelf! It made my life so much easier! The data is stored in a MariaDB relational database which is a drop-in replacement for MySQL. If you want to talk more about the tech stuff you can always contact me.

Q: Can I help you to build Booknshelf?

Yes. I've open-sourced the entire codebase of Booknshelf and looking for engineers/designers who have the same passion towards books and want to contribute. You can also help me by suggesting ideas around Booknshelf. Thank you!

Q: Is there anyone you'd like to give credits to? 🤔

Yes! I'm very grateful to the Open Source community for building the tools I've been using for Booknshelf. I'd also like to give credits to Unplash for letting me use their amazing photos!

Q: What's the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is to email tigran@booknshelf.com. Or you can always tweet me at @tiggreen.