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February, 2017 in Review

February is the first month I'm starting to give updates because only in February I've set a goal of making Booknshelf a profitable side-business. I'm still figuring out the long-term business model so I can grow my income and become financially independent.

I've summarized the February numbers in this tweet.

I've hit high sessions and active users because Booknshelf was on the top of Show HN for two days in February. That gave me new sign ups as well as new subscribers to my newsletter.

The above traffic from Hacker News also explains my revenue from Amazon Affiliate Program. Sadly, Amazon rejected my affiliate application after for not having unique content on the site. On the bright side, this pushed me forward to think about other revenue sources for Booknshelf.

I think my numbers in March would be lower than February but I'm still excited to grow Booknshelf making it the #1 Book Discovery platform. I've not found the exact niche of Booknshelf yet but I'm continuing to explore my ideas and will make sure to keep you updated.